Your Session

A Balanced Approach to Your Massage Therapy Needs

Each session begins with a brief client consultation, when we can discuss your areas of primary concern and how to best address them. First time clients please be prepared to fill out a brief health history form and allow a few extra moments for the consultation process. All treatments will be performed on a customized memory foam topped massage table, covered in luxurious high thread count sheets, and a choice of oils and cremes will be available. Serene spa music can be played to aid in your total relaxation, and throughout the treatment your comfort will be assured.

Please keep in mind, all modalities offered may be utilized on their own for a complete treatment, or blended together to create a customized therapeutic treatment and achieve maximum relaxation. Please feel free to browse the list of modalitites offered below, and call or email to book your appointment today!


Swedish Massage

A classic European style of massage, Swedish massage utilizes long, flowing strokes to promote relaxation and relieve tension.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue massage goes beyond the superficial layers of muscle to address chronic pain and tension, while utilizing specific, focused pressure to areas of discomfort to increase mobility and decrease pain.

Myofascial Release

Myofasical Release is a technique that specifically addresses both superficial and deeper fascia to release restrictions and increase mobility as well as support proper structural alignment throughout the body. It is done without the use of crème or oil and utilizes very slow, moderate to deep pressure to dis-adhere fascial restrictions.

Trigger Point Therapy

“Trigger-point” is the term we use for a localized point of pain that has a radiating pain effect around the surrounding tissues. Typically caused by layers of soft tissue that are stuck together, this specific form of massage therapy aims to dis-adhere these areas and relieve the pain they cause.

Pre/Post-Natal Massage

Perinatal massage addresses the specific needs of new and expectant mothers. Safe during all three trimesters, massage helps decrease the common aches and pains associated with pregnancy and motherhood as well as promote overall relaxation and balance. Proper bolstering and cushions will be used to assure your comfort and safety throughout the treatment.


The word “Shiatsu” is Japanese for “finger-pressure” and works to mobilize energy, or Qi, through meridians in the body. Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine these are the same meridians which acupuncturists address with needles. With Shiatsu, we use finger, thumb and palm pressure as well as stretching and mobilization techniques to stimulate balance and harmony throughout the body and it’s systems. This type of massage is done through clothing, so loose fitting, light fabrics are best.


Reflexology is thought to address the different areas of the body and its systems, through reflex zones on the feet and hands. This can help to reduce pain and increase function throughout the body while creating a deep sense of relaxation.

Reflexology is available as an addition to your massage treatment or on it’s own as a 60 minute session only.